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Monday, March 5, 2007

Holmgren's Vision: Blindspots of the Blockheads

Writing of Gerard Holmgren an Australian Blues Guitarist from an illustrious family, writer, thinker, and long time top researcher into the false-flag "terror" attacks on New York City of September 11, 2001. He granted me permission to post here since it is not posted on his own site. The context is simply the mystery of the giant farting "elephant in the room" which everyone ignores.

Ironically Mr. Holmgren's story, "Debunking Conspiracy Theorists" a favorite (as well as a must-read for newbies to 9/11 official story skepticism) is passed around avidly by many "truthlings" who still worship the 9/11 scholar-leader-heroes whom Holmgren has proved to be compromised.
His "And Then I Jumped Over A 9 Foot Hedge - the Surprising Adventures of Stanley Praimnath" should also achieve immortality.

This was a rant which was not intended for publication but was from an email. I thought it important to publish:

"No, I think it's just following the same pattern as demolition and everything else:

First they try to pretend it doesn't exist.

When that's no longer an option, they start attacking.

When that's no longer an option they co-opt it.

It comes back to the same basic lesson. If people had wanted to know, things never would have got to this stage. If people had wanted to know, just TENC and J McMichael [original researchers of Jan 2002] would have started a wave which swept across the world in an unstoppable tide. Any disinfo attempts would have been swept away by millions of people looking into every crevice of the official story. And when you first noticed that there was no plane in the first hit - if someone didn't beat you to it - within a week, the news would have been all over the planet.

What's taken 5 years would have taken 6 months.

Before Sept 11, I was already cynical about people's capacity to think and care. But because this was such an extreme event and so universal in it's impact, I saw it as an opportunity. That if there was anything which could wake people up, this would be it because the proof was so irrefutable from so many different angles.

Yet 5 years later people who supposedly hate Bush are still ridiculing the stand down evidence even. They just don't want to know. You can lead a horse to water but you
can't make them drink.

We can't blame the perps any more.

We can't even blame the truthlings.

The reality is that most people are quite happy to see villages in some far off country get the crap bombed out of them if they think it'll make their petrol cheaper or whatever. They're quite happy to see their neighbor get marched off to Gitmo, if it means an extra parking space in the street or whatever.

People create elaborate charades to fool both themselves and others into thinking otherwise, but the reality is that if people wanted to know, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. When I say "wanted to know", I'm not just talking about no planes. I'm talking about the whole thing.

They didn't want to know about the stand down or the demolition, or the pre-planned invasion of Afghanistan or the fake OBL video or the Pentagon non-plane or Bush in the classroom or any of it. They just wanted to look the other way and pretend not to understand, and pretend to be too stupid. Some of them are stupid, but most of it is just pretending.

The bottom line is that most people would have done the same thing (S11) themselves if they had been in a position of power and opportunity.

I think the reason that the Griffinization of no-planes is happening now is because it's close to breaking out and straight out hostility and ridicule won't contain it any more. So it's co-opt it time.

And the reason it will work is because the average person does not want to know what we've been trying to tell them. If they did, 99% of people would have understood it straight away."

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