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Monday, March 24, 2008

Please Contribute Questions: More Needed!

Top 10 Questions

Please feel free to add your own questions in the comments section. I am interested particularly in what people initially found suspicious.

The list of questions below, I wrote a couple years ago, around the time the movie "Flt. 95 " was released is by no means exhaustive....but suggestive. I found these among my papers. I had read them out at a St. Mark's Sunday event. I figured to post them. People who have never thought of any of this before, will find them helpful.

onclusive evidence for fraud can be derived from any one aspect alone, from the cumulation of evidence which demonstrates it and from the No Plane Observation:

Why were the GPS locators put on the truck hauling away the scrap from the W. Trade Centers?

Why was the nose of the United Flt 93 "found" 8 miles from the tail?

How do cell phones work at 35K feet?

Doesn't a Physicist trump a Civil Engineer in terms of qualifications in science?

Why did the buildings disintegrate at free fall speed?

Why does Morgan Reynolds say, in regard to culpability for 9/11,: "The FAA guy Ben Sliney was the operating manager but it was his first day on the job. Charles Leidg, the naval captain, it was his first job at the NMCC (National Military Command Center) and Montague - these 2 guys of course I would charge...

"Why did both Leidg and Montange get promoted for their catastrophic failures?"

Why was the investigation "closed door?"

Why were the witnesses not put under oath?

Why was the investigation filled with omissions,  distortions and outright lies?

Why did the 9/11 commission make no recommendations to reform the FAA, when it laid the failure on them?

Given the above, Why is the Media so cowardly?

What started the break-up of the buildings?

Why did theTowers fall so quickly?

If it was a natural collapse, where is the rubble?

Why isn't any of the steel core columns left standing?

Why did the event look like a Hollywood special effect?

Given the above, Was the event deliberately designed to make a point with the public?

Why did the government fight an investigation of 9/11?

Why did the Government representative (Guiliani) destroy evidence?

Why wasn't the President hustled to safety?

Why of the 45 people listed as dying on the United Flight 93, are only 6 listed in the SSDI (13%) Social Security Death Index.

Why did only 25 families of the purported victims accept the 9/11 compensation fund (56%)

Why were theTowers and Bldg. 7 the only 3 steel constructed towers/buildings known to free-fall due to fire in all of recorded history?

Why do people believe the planes felled the 2 Towers?(They saw the planes hit on T.V. so the planes must have caused it?")

What is the significance of the "suggestions" given to the Public by the TV talking head commentators? 

Why does the record show the use of the same phrases and conclusions by the News "anchors" and why do they all make the same points, immediately?

Why was the alleged seed of the event, (Osama bin Ladin and his 19 men) allegedly obsure beforehand, yet at the moment of the event allegedly "known" immediately?

Regarding the NIST report: "Why is reasoning backward from the result to a foregone cause not good science?

Why is NIST refusing to release the data upon which they based their computer simulation of the "collapse."?

Why did the supposed terrorists seem to care so much about minimizing civilian death - hitting high in the tower, flights which were under booked, hitting early in the day when few people were yet to work and hitting in a side of the Pentagon that was being renovated?

Why am I called unpatriotic because I tell the truth about our country?

Were any terrorists found in Iraq or are all civilians there terrorists?

How did our oil get under their soil?

Regarding United 93 the movie:
Aren't movies, which are not documentaries, supposed to entertain?

Why isn't the movie a documentary? Why is the movie openly "fiction?"

Does this movie honor or dishonor the dead?

Can Hollywood decipher what could have possibly happened from 2 dozen phone calls and 30 minutes of suspect cockpit voice recordings?

Are the fictional actor's roles an honor to the Passengers aboard Flt 93?

Why did the plane crash?

Was Flt. 93 meant to hit Building 7?

Why did Mr. Silverstein have to "pull" Building 7, when there is an "absence of cause" for the building's disintegration?

Was there something in the offices of Building 7 which included the NSA, CIA, FBI, SEC, as tenants and contained what was purportedly Giuliani's bunker...that needed to be destroyed?

Will the movie United 93 be judged on its artistic merits or on its politics?

Did the passengers of Flt 93 thwart our government's attempt to create a diversion to cover up the blowing up of a building?

Why did Building 7 get destroyed?

Why doesn't everyone realize that Building 7 came down in 6.6 seconds after being hit by precisely nothing? And that the government has no explanation or excuse for it and that the collapse of the building and the bombing of Building 6 were not brought up in the Kean Commission Report?


Why is there a claim of threat?

What is the difference between 3000+ dead on 9/11 from the building collapses and the 2000+ American soldiers who died so far in Iraq? Why are the victims of 9/11 more revered? Why are the victims of the Iraq war ignored by the Media and the society?

Is the difference between the 9/11 victims and the Iraq American soldiers the fact that neither groups of deaths could've been avoided?

Could the deaths on 9/11 have been avoided if the government did it's job?

Could the deaths in Iraq have been avoided if Bush had told the truth?

Were we directly at risk from Saddam Hussein?

Are we at risk from Iran?

Does the fact we invaded Iraq and are getting ready to Invade Iran have anything to do with the conclusion of some that world oil production should peak anytime from last year to within the next 5 and at the most generous forecast the next 10? And that a liquid fuel shortage could put our economy into a Mega depression deeper than that of the 1930's and that warfare, national security and national defense are completely dependent on access to petroleum?

Is it any coincidence that Iraq and Iran and Saudi Arabia, between them, contain 3/4 of the remaining world supplies of petroleum?

Has our number of enemies increased or decreased in the last 5 years?

After a person sees the movie Flt. United 93 would they be more or less interested in invading Iran?

Are all Middle Easterners to blame for 9/11? If not, why do we take vengeance against them. Why do 85% of our troops in Iraq say the war there is in retaliation for Saddam Hussein role in the 9/11
attacks? (Zogby International, Utica NY)

Is everything we do O.K.? Since we are Americans are we perfect?

Did 9/11 help Republicans?

How do we fight a "foreign enemy" that belongs to no state?

Why did Benjamin Chertoff, nephew of Michael Chertoff who is head of "Homeland Security" write the article for Popular Mechanics supposedly debunking the 9/11 government story skeptics?

Who gains from the War in Iraq?

Do Americans as a group benefit from our governments allowing the selling off of the oil interests there?

Do the oil companies Iraq was forced to sell their oil to the main beneficiaries?

Is it a coincidence that the movie "United 93" is released just as the government gears up for a war in Iran?

Why does Donald Rumsfeld say the terrorists manipulate our press? (Said so a few weeks ago on the radio show of Rush Limbaugh)

Do the events of 9/11 allow our government to operate secret prisons in former KGB prisons where they torture illegally detained prisoners?

Why did Karl Rove say, "Liberals want to lose the War on Terror"?

Why does Karl Rove have to show contempt for his opponents?

Was "9/11" the pretext for permanent War?

Are Arms productions necessary to keep our economy propped up?

Are terrorists a replacement for Communists?

Is Osama bin Laden the new Stalin?

Is the government’s story the most outrageous conspiracy theory?

Did Moussaoui say in open court “9/11 is an FBI operation?” Did the court then close to the public?

Did Moussaoui offer do produce documentation before Congress?

Why was the alleged high-jacker of Flt. 93 Saeed Alghamdi trained in the English language at a U.S. military base?

Does the fact the 9/11 Commission was a white-wash job prove that government is treasonous and criminal?

How did the government have foreknowledge of 9/11?

Why did 3 of the alleged hijackers have listed as their address on a driver’s license and car registrations. the Navel Station in Pensacola, FL?

Why is it that time lines released after 9/11 by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) , the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Pentagon (DoD) do not agree as to actual events, who was notified about those events, at what times, what orders were given, and the responses to those orders?

(cf: Are we all War Criminals for allowing what is going on to go on? For turning a blind eye to what is obvious with just alittle bit of research? Can a "learning disability" be considered an excuse?)

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